IPM and Safety EducationAPS uses the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) defined as “the coordinated use of multiple pest control methods. It encourages the use of all available techniques where practical and does not rely on a single-method approach.”

In addition, APS has developed a pest management “Systems Plan” based upon the standard practices of the National Organic Program (NOP) that requires the application of pest prevention and mechanical trapping methods first. National Organic ProgramWhen additional efforts are needed, beyond prevention and mechanical control, the NOP authorizes the use of lower-toxicity and natural pesticides first. Finally, the NOP does allow traditional pesticides as a last resort, but only based on application methods that prevent both human and food exposure.

Integrated Pest Management TriangleWhat makes the APS Pest Management System Plan unique is that it goes beyond the principles of IPM & low toxicity Organic pest management by requiring thorough initial inspection and post treatment monitoring. It is not satisfactory to focus only on the methods of treatment, because at APS, we believe it is ultimately the results that our customers expect and appreciate. To achieve this we undertake a rigorous pre-treatment inspection and needs analysis with each of our clients. APS then implements the principles of IPM & low toxicity Organic pest management, and most importantly, follows up by post treatment inspection and monitoring to assure the desired control objectives have been achieved.

APS Pest Management System Plan

  • Thoroughness of IPM
  • Low-Toxicity Organic Approach
  • Inspection + Monitoring = Results


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