Alternative Pest Solutions, LLC (APS) has a philosophy and approach to pest management based on three interwoven principles. First APS is comprised of pest management program analysts and service specialists uniquely qualified by a combination of their experience and professional credentials. Presently APS pest control professional licensed applicators have an average of over 20 years experience. APS has a business model that permits only the most highly qualified licensed applicators to provide services to its clients.

The second plank of the APS foundation is interlaced with the first. The best pest management professionals invariably find that non-pesticide methods such as careful inspection with practiced eyes, pest-prevention, mechanical control (trapping & other pest removal methods), followed by careful monitoring of the outcome is a far more effective and economical approach than over relying on poisonous chemical pesticides for results.

When prevention and mechanical control are not enough to effect satisfactory control, APS evaluates and may apply low-toxicity materials to support optimum control. The first choices include those materials that are biological in origin. These measures include Bio-Rational approaches such as materials produced naturally by insect pests. These substances include Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) that affect the insect life cycle, and pheromones that pests produce to attract other insects. The success of Bio-Rational pest management is enhanced by applying pheromones in combination with insect traps. Next and often equally important are biological materials that are comprised of other living organisms. Non-pathogenic naturally occurring bacteria, e.g. BT, have been used for decades to control many insects. Plant extracts and vitamins such as Quintox (a vitamin D-based rodent control material), Eco-Exempt made from Thyme oil, pyrethrum from the chrysanthemum daisy, and Avipel, a seed extract for bird control, are just a few of the plant materials and vitamins that aid in control with no known adverse environmental side effects. In some cases low toxicity synthesized materials that slightly modify and stabilize naturally occurring materials are also used. The most obvious example are synthetic “pyrethroids” such as Demand CS, a micro encapsulated material that has been modified from the naturally occurring chrysanthemum daisy extract so it lasts longer and provides longer term control on plagues of nuisance pests such as Asian Lady Beetles and Spiders.

Alternative Pest SolutionWhen it is necessary to use newer synthesized materials, APS relies as much as possible on treatment methods such as baiting, that put the control material where the pest is. APS also chooses these materials carefully so they have the greatest impact on the target pest(s). In addition, baiting, crack & crevice treatment, and the use of non-residual materials helps minimize any potential adverse effects.

APS also relies on clients, suppliers, and consultants to work together in a strategic alliance to achieve the desired results. Your APS representatives view themselves as part of a larger success team whose goal is to live separate from the pests that put our health at risk, damage our homes & businesses, contaminate our food, and present a frustrating irritation. To be successful in this mission, APS is not focused on annihilation, obliteration, or extermination. APS concentrates on inspection, prevention, mechanical trapping, and a low-toxicity “ORGANIC” approach to professional pest management.

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