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Why Control Flies in the barn?

  •      Reduces Milk Production by 10-20%
  •      Transmits over 100 Diseases To Humans & Livestock.
  •      Large numbers lead to secondary infestation by hide beetles.
  •      Filthy Contamination of Feed, Buildings, Facilities, and Animals.

How Can We Achieve The Best Results?

  •      Remove manure frequently and thoroughly.
  •      Prevent feed spoilage.
  •      Keep feed dry to reduce habitat for fly breeding.
  •      Prevent moisture in potential fly breeding areas is for effective fly control.
  •      Reduced farm worker productivity: flies interfere with work such as feeding and milking.


  •      Insect light Traps.
  •      Sticky traps that include effective fly attractant.


  •      Thorough Residual Insecticide at approximately three week intervals during the fly season.
  •      Alternate fly material types applied to prevent resistance.
  •      This integrated approach leads to less flies and increased milk production.


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