Home Spider Control & Web Cleaning

Home Spider Control & Web CleaningThe first step is inspection for webbing, spider & wasp nests, peak height, and other pest harborages like overhanging limbs or shrubbery close to the home. Next is the APS exclusive Web-Dusting of the home to remove old nests and unsightly webbing. Our thorough web removal service pays special attention to peaks, downspouts, and anywhere in the vicinity of exterior lighting. This service is performed using a special tool, The WebSter, to remove the webbing and insect debris.

Precise Treatment – Effective Results

For exterior and interior spider treatment, APS applies a “micro-encapsulated” residual spider control material that puts the material where the spider is for the best results. Micro-Encapsulation allows a longer-term activity on the spiders with no damage to exterior surfaces and no odor. Because the active ingredient is repellant to spiders and other insects, it goes on working & working to protect your home. The APS exterior treatment is  made even more effective by application with a truck-mounted hose-reel sprayer. This device allows precise application, better penetration of spider hiding places, and prevents drift & overspray of the material.

  • Professional Inspection & Web-Cleaning
  • Micro-Encapsulated Material for the Best Results
  • Truck-Mounted Spray Rigs Mean Thorough, Yet Precise Treatment
  • APS Does The Web-Cleaning
  • No Odor!


Ask About The APS Home Pest Prevention Program – The Best Value

Consider APS for your complete pest prevention. Protection of your home from the target pests is year-round. The APS-Home Pest Prevention program emphasizes monitoring, integrates the EPA official IPM pest management process, and applies the principles of the reduced pesticide usage philosophy of the National Organic Program (NOP). This specific program is unique to APS, and is environmentally friendly.

  • Year-Round Pest Coverage Includes Rats, Mice, Insects, Spiders, And Related Pests
  • Prevents Pest Presence By Exclusion And (Advised) Structural Modification
  • Mechanical Pest Control By Using Traps
  • Low-Toxicity And/Or Organic (NOP) Approved Pesticides

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