Your Alternative Pest Solutions (APS) Home Pest Prevention program

Resolving Pest Problems

is designed to resolve any existing pest infestation and setup a preventative program for the control of pests including rats, mice spiders, ants, roaches, grain insects, lady beetles, boxelder bugs, earwigs, centipedes and other invading insects. The program has complete year-round coverage and an APS certified pest management professional will schedule regular yearly visits to your home and any additional visits that may be necessary to control the target pests. Your call to our office is all it takes to schedule additional service that may be needed at no additional cost.

The unique Alternative Pest Solutions Pest Management System Plan combines initial inspection & analysis together with the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an approach designed to consider all pest control tools for successful service. APS implements the protocol of the National Organic Program’s (NOP’s) pest control System Plan that requires prevention and mechanical (non-chemical) control methods be evaluated and implemented before any material is applied. Consistent with the ORGANIC System Plan, whenever prevention and mechanical control require more intense treatment to achieve excellent results, the materials applied are selected based on specific criteria. The substances chosen are evaluated based on those that are target specific, less toxic, of biologic or “natural” origin (i.e. plant oils, insect hormones, non-pathogenic bacteria, etc.) and most environmentally compatible. In accordance with these criteria, the materials are applied as necessary to obtain outstanding results.

Home Pest Prevention Service Procedures

Communication: An APS representative will contact you to schedule each service visit and will pay close attention to your pest observations. Upon completion of service, a service report will be presented and reviewed with you that documents, what was observed and exactly what measures were taken and materials used to assure outstanding results.

Initial Service: The first objective is to perform a thorough inspection, diagnose the cause of any existing pest activity, and bring it under control

Pest Management System Plan Procedures: Inspection to identify pest activity is always the first step of each service visit. Preventive and mechanical methods are applied next. These include webbing & insect debris removal, sealing of small rodent entries, mechanical pest trapping, and informing the client of conditions conducive to pest activity. If substances are applied for control, efforts are made to use the least toxic materials in accordance with the National ORGANIC Program. All materials are applied in the smallest amounts necessary to achieve excellent results and in ways that prevent personal contact or environmental contamination. Finally this exclusive pest management process relies heavily on pest monitoring, with a focus always on prevention.

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