Commercial Pest Management:

The best time to evaluate . . .                               

                                             . . .is when your program is working!


Thorough, professional, independent assessment of the pest management process is in your best interest. Why should you invest the time to permit a documented evaluation of pest control?

  1. Regulatory Compliance of the applicator performing the pest control may appear, on the surface, to be adequate, but a professional evaluation may reveal improper application practices and inadequate record-keeping that could put your business at risk.
  2. Service Quality can be most reliably confirmed by another independent pest management professional.
  3. Pest Activity that is minor now could be diagnosed early and prevent the costs associated with a serious infestation later.
  4. Cost of Evaluation is $0.00 and will not only provide the peace of mind that your program is functioning as it should, but will also give valuable insight into what to look for in the future from your pest control provider.

To receive a free professional assessment of your pest management program, or to learn more about the principles and value of the evaluation, contact an APS pest management program analyst at 888-655-4084.

Pest Management Program Assessment

  • Assure Regulatory Compliance
  • Validate Service Quality
  • Identify Pest Infestations
  • Cost: Can You Afford Not to Evaluate?!


”The Less Toxic Organic Approach”


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