Predator Pest Repeller

                  Starling Management System

Why Control the European Starling?

The Predator Pest Repeller(Patent Pend.) – Integrated Pest Management System controls starlings in freestall Barns and other agricultural and livestock settings where they cause damage by disease transmission to humans & livestock, consume vast quantities of livestock feed, and damage structures: High-Cost of Feed Loss: Starlings “selectively eat the most expensive high‑protein portion of protein-supplemented livestock feed.” The cost of their feeding is enormous! Disease transmission is a serious risk to humans and farm animals. Starlings transmit Salmonellosis (food poisoning), Histoplasmosis, and West Nile Virus in addition to at least 20 other diseases including bacteria, viruses, and a variety of parasites. This bird is responsible for extensive structural damage (especially Styrofoam insulation) and moisture problems as well as the shear weight of the droppings. The filthy habits of this pest bird contaminates livestock feed & water; while they "whitewash" buildings, facilities, and animals with their droppings.

So, What Is the Solution?

Prevention is the key; and for starlings, this requires a collective integrated approach: Most importantly, “When feeding protein supplements with other rations, such as silage, mix them well to limit starling access to the supplements.” Keeping spilled grain & feed cleaned up is essential, and, when using feed troughs to dispense feed, keep them partially covered (instead of placing the feed directly on the freestall floor). It is important to maintain water levels in livestock watering troughs too low for the birds to perch and drink , but of course, high enough for the cattle to drink the water. Take whatever means are necessary to prevent standing water from accumulating as this is a significant attractant to starlings.

Exclusion barriers prevent starlings from getting to critical feeding areas: Exclusion methods include sealing roof openings (that run the length of the building in most freestall barns) with bird screening, keeping side curtains down and/or placing bird screening on side-wall openings. Strip curtains on drive-through doors, while unpopular, are an effective deterrent to starling entry.           

Treatment using the unique APS Predator Pest Repeller Integrated Pest Management System: The Predator Pest Repeller(Patent Pend.) is comprised of three critical elements: A decoy raptor (bird-of-prey), a sound system that broadcasts the sounds of the Osprey raptor, and the distress call of the starling. The natural flight of the bird and the sounds of the Osprey and starling are synchronized by a timer to maximize bird‑frightening. The Osprey takes flight, the call of the Osprey is broadcast, and the cry of the distressed starling is heard! The starlings are terrified! The entire system is mounted to the structure of your building and maintained monthly to optimize continued performance and prevent habituation.

Your APS pest management professional can install bird anti-roosting devices on ledges or pipes comprised of a sticky substance designed to discourage roosting, or mounted metal  spines that afford even better results.

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